Take a sneak peek inside Regnery Publishing's The Darwin Myth—the stunning new book from author Benjamin Wiker.

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Why Aren't Scientists Allowed to Believe In God?

There was a time when most scientists were also deeply religious men. When scientists were not forced to choose between belief in God and the rigorous pursuit of scientific knowledge. But that all ended with Charles Darwin.

In his stunning new book, The Darwin Myth, author Benjamin Wiker cuts through the politically correct lies and cultural misconceptions to reveal the true Charles Darwin: the man who separated God from science.

Taking a "warts and all" approach, Wiker not only offers a critical, scientific analysis of Darwin's life and his history-changing theory, but exposes Darwin's ultimate goal: the elimination of God from all science—not just evolution.

Casting aside Darwinism's politically correct veneer, The Darwin Myth reveals:

  • The Darwin Myth: Darwin insisted that evolution must be godless to be scientific
  • Charles Darwin didn't "discover" evolution—he just put his name on it. (It was explored in the 17th Century, long before his time.)
  • Although not Darwin's intention, Darwinism provides an open rationale for eugenics, genocide and racism
  • Darwin's own theory supported natural slavery—an institution he detested
  • Many of his best friends and allies criticized Darwin's theory, and he never definitively refuted their objections

From Darwin's obsession with making evolution his own to his belief that progress meant the advance of secularized science against religion, Wiker shows how Darwin's legacy set atheism as the default position of the scientific community and irrevocably divorced God from science.

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